Saba Starry Stone Covering

A Beautiful Covering , flexible and along with variety of colors is a combination of mpermeable resins and also water base with anti UV properties and natural minerals with high hardness scale that have crystal atomic structure .

Starry Stone with special formulation and high molecular density creates a stony covering similar to various stones and granite hard stones that are completely impermeable against climatic factors , sunlight and color changes and show that have owned a high resistance . This product with and show that they have owned a high resistance . This product with new formulation is produced in accordance with the worth's standards and consistent with environment and by expertise engineers and will be executed in several steps at various designs and by special small pump by expert masters .

Exclusive properties , variety of colors , having put into design and being executable at classic and modern forms , produced a vast welcome for engineers and respected employers to use this product for building industry inside and outside the country .

some of starry stone advantages are follows :

- Story covering similar to granite stone with less weight that can decrease the dead load of building .

- Flexible  against primary sinking  of structure  and coverer of  narrow  cracks  and   pores .

- It is enforceable to be used for concrete appearances as well as cement stony and brick-red sight inside and outside the building in the form of horizontal , effect and adherent molecular bond with these materials .

- Presenting various design by company's  engineers and executing work by expert masters .

- High executing speed for various building heigh building in particular .

- Heat insulation , humidity insulation , 100 % waterproof and washable .

- Resistant against ultraviolet radiation , climatic and environmental factors and anti corrosive .

- Consistent with environment   and fully free   pollutant owing to natural combinations free from color change .

- Producing integrated surface owing to adhesive property and also high molecular density. 

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